April 1, 2023
  • April 1, 2023


[autopress_innovation_takes innovation_takes_head=”Need a custom Decal Made? Give us your idea for a quote.” innovation_takes_link=”url:%23|title:Get%20Quote||”]
[autopress_workshop autopress_workshop_head_one=”What Made Me An Auto Enthusiast?” autopress_workshop_head_two=”My road to becoming a complete car nut was a short one!!!!” autopress_workshop_para=”Smokey and the Bandit!!! Need I say more? When that movie hit the theaters I was a little boy but I vividly remember just totally digging the Trans Am and the power it displayed on film. That was it for me, I knew then when I grew up, I wanted fast cars..” autopress_workshop_sub_head_one=”Gearheads” autopress_workshop_sub_para_one=”I am not alone in this game, meet my other gearhead friends.” autopress_workshop_sub_head_two=”My History With Cars” autopress_workshop_sub_para_two=”The cars I have owned have been a real journey.” autopress_workshop_sub_image_one=”35″ autopress_workshop_sub_image_two=”36″]
[autopress_services service_heading=”Our Projects” number=”6″ layout=”carousel” carousel_autoplay=”yes” column=”4″ all_service_text=”View All Projects” all_service_link=”http://demos.pixelatethemes.com/autopresslst/services/”]

    [autopress_our_commitment autopress_our_commitment_head=”In Addition to customizing cars, we also build motors & transmissions :” autopress_our_commitment_para=”If you are having trouble sourcing parts and service providers we can help. We have an extensive network of mechanics, body shops, audio installers, detailers and more. If you can’t find we, we can help.” autopress_our_commitment_list_one=”Custom Vehicle Decals” autopress_our_commitment_list_two=”Small Block Chevy, Ford and Dodge Builds” autopress_our_commitment_list_three=”Full Vehicle Wraps” autopress_our_commitment_list_four=”LS Series Motor Builds” autopress_our_commitment_list_five=”Custom Light Installations” autopress_our_commitment_list_six=”TH350, TH400, 700R, 4060E, 4L80E” autopress_our_commitment_list_seven=”Tire Letter Installation” autopress_our_commitment_list_eight=”Big Block Chevy, Ford & Dodge” autopress_our_commitment_list_nine=”Media Blasting” autopress_our_commitment_list_ten=”Suspension Rebuilds” autopress_our_commitment_image_one=”69″ autopress_our_commitment_image_two=”70″]
    [autopress_custom_heading heading=”Other Gearheads!”][autopress_team number=”4″ layout=”carousel” column=”4″]
    [autopress_custom_heading heading=”Latest Blog”][autopress_latest_news order=”ASC”][autopress_newsletter autopress_newsletter_para=”Stay tuned by subscribing to our news letter where we announce new products, projects for sale as well as Average Joe Customs updates.” el_class=”row news-letter m0″]
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