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What Made Me An Auto Enthusiast?

My road to becoming a complete car nut was a short one!!!!

Smokey and the Bandit!!! Need I say more? When that movie hit the theaters I was a little boy but I vividly remember just totally digging the Trans Am and the power it displayed on film. That was it for me, I knew then when I grew up, I wanted fast cars..


I am not alone in this game, meet my other gearhead friends.

My History With Cars

The cars I have owned have been a real journey.

Our Projects

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PROJECT: Grey Reaper

Once I found out that the GM LS series engine can fit in a Nissan 300z, I just had to get another one!!! How about an Iron block 6.0L?

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PROJECT: Blue Bull

Who would imagine that an A-Body would be affordable on E4 Pay. Well anything goes in SoCal as you can imagine, especially back in the 90s.

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Black Samurai

PROJECT: Black Samurai

Though I was not in the market for it, I could not figure out a reason to turn down just taking over the notes of an SRT8 Challenger

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PROJECT-Vintage Pearl

PROJECT: Vintage Pearl

Who would ever think that an Ahoga horn would be the deciding factor of buying a classic truck for your wife!!! Trust me it happened!

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PROJECT: Witch Doctor

While in the market for a C/10 I stumbled across this 55' Apache. Setup as a drag truck, it's a good starting point for a pro-street!!

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Project T-Zee


Inspired by "Fast and Furious", this Z was purchased out of Austin, TX but then later was given to wifey after the LS idea came about.

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    Other Gearheads!

    Bryan Gaines

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    - Michale Petter

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