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Project Overview

Not All Projects Are Created Equal:

From Speed, the Low Riding, to Restored Classics, our project line up does not follow any conventional wisdom of thought. There really is no telling what we will acquire next.

The more I work on cars and trucks, the more I want to collect more. As with anything, funding will always be an issue so to support our builds, we sell decals, shirts, show tents and other media to keep the funding coming.

Our Projects

PROJECT: Grey Reaper

Once I found out that the GM LS series engine can fit in a Nissan 300z, I just had to get another one!!! How about an Iron block 6.0L?

PROJECT: Blue Bull

Who would imagine that an A-Body would be affordable on E4 Pay. Well anything goes in SoCal as you can imagine, especially back in the 90s.

PROJECT: Black Samurai

Though I was not in the market for it, I could not figure out a reason to turn down just taking over the notes of an SRT8 Challenger

PROJECT: Vintage Pearl

Who would ever think that an Ahoga horn would be the deciding factor of buying a classic truck for your wife!!! Trust me it happened!

PROJECT: Witch Doctor

While in the market for a C/10 I stumbled across this 55' Apache. Setup as a drag truck, it's a good starting point for a pro-street!!


Inspired by "Fast and Furious", this Z was purchased out of Austin, TX but then later was given to wifey after the LS idea came about.

Wanna help us raise money for our builds? Visit our shop to or let us now a part or product that you need.

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